10 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe This Winter

Winter is coming, and that means colder temperatures, icy roads, and potential burglaries.

As the nights get longer and darker, burglars have an easier time finding potential marks. Most of them are looking for easy targets, and darkness of the winter months makes it simpler for them to operate undetected.

We have some simple tips to prepare your home for winter and to ensure your home doesn’t look like an easy target.

Tips to stop you from looking like an easy target for a burglar

1. Locks doors and windows

Home security is often overlooked by homeowners, who fail to lock all doors and window locks, including those on upper floors. More conscientious homeowners take extra measures to secure windows and sliding glass doors with security bars or other devices.

2. Use quality locks

If you are thinking of installing new locks, then it is important to avoid cheap options. You should use high-quality locks that will deter break-ins and provide peace of mind.

3. Use a safe

A safe is a great investment for peace of mind and security, especially when it comes to valuables. If you have jewellery that doesn’t get worn often but still has significance, consider keeping it in a safety deposit box. And another bonus – many insurance companies offer lowered rates to homeowners with safes!

4. Make it look like you are home

Consider purchasing some timer switches to turn lights on when it gets dark outside. This will keep your house looking lived in especially if you often travel or come home late. Additionally, many insurance companies recommend drawing curtains and drapes. Potential burglars will be less likely to target a home if they can’t see the interior.

5. Do not hide house keys

Assume that burglars are constantly eyeing your home–it’s best not to hide keys outside the door. Instead, leave a key with a trusted neighbour and make sure every member of your household has their own copy which they never lend out. Insurance companies typically advise against allowing workers who need to enter your residence for repairs or construction access to spare keys.

6. Add external lights

By adding flood lights that are activated by motion, this will increase your home’s overall security. Also, if you have a recording security camera as well, outdoor lighting will increase the chance of being able to identify the perpetrator.

7. Add a security alarm system

Burglars don’t like light, noise, or video devices, and today’s security alarms take that into account. Insurance companies also recognise the value of modern security systems and offer lower rates for homes with them. If you have a home security system, your security company will usually give you a security sign to put up around your house to let criminals know that your home is protected.

8. Light entryways

A well-lit front door will not only deter burglars but also make you feel more secure and comfortable when arriving or leaving your home.

9. Keep your garden clear

Keep your shrubs trimmed and out of the way, so they can’t provide hiding places for criminals. Move all furniture and equipment inside for the winter, and secure them with locks or straps if necessary. If you have a combination door lock or garage code, change it regularly to ensure that only authorised people have access to your home.

10. Get to know your neighbours

If you’re going to be away from home, ask a trustworthy neighbour to watch your house for you. Not only will this help build community relations, but they can also keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

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