4 of the most common door lock problems – and how a locksmith can fix them

Door locks are one of the most essential aspects to the safety of us, our families and our belongings, and without them, we can be compromising the safety of our properties. It is always best to ensure you choose a high quality lock that can last you for years, however, sometimes wear and tear can cause inevitable problems.

A professional locksmith has the knowledge and expertise to diagnose any issues you may encounter with your lock, from a lock that won’t turn smoothly… to a lock that won’t turn at all! Locksmiths have an all encompassing knowledge in the lock industry, and can provide you with the best solution for any of the following common door lock problems.#

1. A Faulty locking mechanism

This is when you can insert your key into your lock and turn it, but the door doesn’t unlock or lock. The door lock mechanism inside is faulty and needs to be fixed.

If you’ve done it before or are confident enough, you might be able to take a quick look yourself by using a screwdriver to take the lock apart, however, it is best to call out a professional locksmith who can take a proper look, establish the fault and fix it.

A professional locksmith may be able to fix the issue to restore the function of the internal lock mechanisms, however, sometimes the damage can be impossible to repair successfully, so your locksmith may need to install a new lock so you can go back to confidently securing your property without any issues.

2. A misalignment in the door latch

Overtime, your door can become bowed or warped, especially wooden doors that often expand and retract with the changes in the weather. This can cause your lock and your strike plate and latch to become misaligned. You can typically tell when this has happened when it becomes difficult to turn your key due to friction.

If you’re experiencing this, it can be easy to ignore the issue as your door still locks and unlocks, but if you leave it too long you can damage the inner mechanisms of the lock. To avoid any further issues, it is best to nip it in the bud by calling out your local locksmith who can realign your door and lock so you smoothly turn your key again.

However, if you ignored the issue and you find yourself with a lock that won’t function, you can call out an emergency locksmith company to supply and fit a new lock, or repair your old one.

3. Stuck key

A common problem many experiences is a key that is stuck in the lock. Rather than panicking and forcing the key, call out your local locksmith to help, as any force can cause irreparable damage that can cost a lot more than the initial problem!

Your locksmith will be able to repair or remove your lock, and replace it with a new one that runs smoothly! If you try to force the lock, you can end up causing further damage where your locksmith will have to drill the problem era which can be more time consuming and costly.

4. Distorted door frame

Over time, your door frame can become distorted and cause issues with your door hinge, lock and latch. This can cause issues with your door opening and closing smoothly, which can be a real nuisance when trying to lock your door.

A distortion in the door frame can lead to a multitude of issues down the line, from a broken lock, to a door that won’t lock at all! Some of these issues can require drilling to solve, which can possibly cause damage to your door. This can lead to further charges and issues with your door frame.

Rather than waiting for a larger issue to prevent itself, consider calling out your local locksmith. They will be able to assess the problem and solve it before it becomes a more pressing issue. You can go back to opening and closing your door with ease, and locking it without a problem!

Wear and tear

Like any product, after a while of using our locks, they can become prone to issues. Many of us may be using locks in our homes that were installed many decades ago, these can become stiff and difficult to use after a while.

If you are beginning to experience any issues with the mechanisms of your lock, it may be time to get your lock replaced. Not only can you purchase your lock from the locksmith store, but you can also get them to install it for you.

A professional locksmith can do an excellent job of removing your old lock, and replacing it with a new one.

Early prevention

Like any product, after a while it can reach the end of its lifespan. Our door locks can be used thousands of times per year and this can cause door locking mechanisms problems.

Early prevention through a locksmith service is the best way to ensure you don’t encounter a costly problem later down the line with your door and window locks. If you feel that your lock isn’t working as smoothly as it once used to, perhaps due to excessive use or wear and tear, take it as a sign that something is about to go wrong.

Rather than waiting for a breaking point, consider the red flags and call a locksmith who can replace your lock or fix the issue, so you don’t have to run into any further problems.

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