6 security measures all small businesses should use

As a small business keeping your property and its contents secure is highly important. Ensuring your security measures are up to date and sufficient to protect your business is key in providing you with peace of mind. Any business with a physical location is exposed to physical security risks. Installing the proper security measures can prevent (or reduce) the risks to your business, employees, and customers.


CCTV works as a deterrent for crime, and a helpful tool to identify anyone involved in criminal activity. The use of CCTV for your small business can greatly reduce crime as criminals will actively avoid businesses that could easily identify them. CCTV installation can also have additional benefits for a business such as being able to monitor employee behaviour or reducing your insurance premium.

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2. Window grilles

Window Grilles are a simple and effective way to secure any glass entry point by creating a physical barrier that cannot be broken by intruders. Even if you have the best locks on your doors and windows they won’t protect your business from a break-in if they are made of glass or if an intruder can easily enter through a window.

3. Access control

An access control system allows you to restrict access to specific areas on your business premises. Each person within the business can have their own personal access method to grant them access to the necessary areas. This security measure greatly reduces the risk of an intruder breaking into your premises. If an intruder manages to get hold of an access mechanism from an authorised employee, they will be able to gain access to your business, however their access will still be limited depending on which access card they get access too.

Although primarily used in larger buildings, all companies can benefit from access control systems.

4. Master key systems

A master key system allows a number of keys to open one lock and provides different levels of access at each stage of the system’s hierarchy. This security measure enables you to control who has access to each area of your premise meaning you are in full control over who can go where based on their role within the business structure.

Master Key Systems help you to keep your business secure, control employee access and create a convenient lock and key system across your entire business premises.

5. Safes

Safes protect your valuables even when intruders manage to gain entry to the premises. A safe can help restrict access to valuable items reducing the chance of theft from either thieves or employees.

Safes can be one of the best ways to secure cash and smaller valuables on your business premises. Theft or damage of valuables can be disastrous to small businesses so these must be protected. As a small business, the financial benefits of certain security measures can also be highly beneficial. Installing a safe can improve your insurance premiums and give you peace of mind when leaving valuables unsupervised.

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6. Alarm systems

Alarms can act as a deterrent for intruders. Alarm systems provide easy to monitor sensors that notify you and/or the police of any break-ins. Knowing this system is in place, or being aware of having triggered it, often minimises how much time an intruder spends on your premises and how much they can steal or damage.

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Business security, like most procedures, needs an audit. A consistent security system needs to be in place to ensure that buildings are internally and externally secure. As Halls Locksmiths we provide a wide variety of reliable internal and external security products in our store to prevent incidents from happening at your business property.

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