Does your business need CCTV?

CCTV has numerous benefits for a business, including being able to monitor employee behaviour, reducing your insurance premium as well as deterring and catching criminals.

But how do you know if your business needs CCTV?

You should consider installing CCTV on your business premises if you have
Cash tills

Tills are an easy target for both intruders and employees – they’re easy to open with cash often being untraceable. By installing CCTV you can deter people from stealing in the first place and identify those who do.

Car parks

Cars are vulnerable to theft, vandalism and accidental damage. While vehicle owners may choose to park there at their own risk, it’s worth investing in CCTV if your business premises contains a car park to help police in the event of a theft or damage as well as making customers and staff feel more secure.

Valuable equipment

Specialist tools and machinery can be incredibly valuable. Thieves often target these pieces of equipment either for personal use or to sell. CCTV can act as both a deterrent for those considering breaking in to steal your equipment or as a means to identify the thief after the fact.

Sellable stock

If you’re a shop, restaurant or storage facility, you will have stock that can be sold for a profit. This will often be worth more than is currently in your till (if you have one) and will be a target for thieves looking for a larger profit. Once again, CCTV will deter those who consider stealing your stock and catch any thieves in the act.

Alternatives to CCTV for business

Access Control

Access control systems – through either mechanical or electronic locks – can stop employees and intruders from stealing cash or stock by requiring a specific code or fob to access certain areas of your business premises. It should be noted that these systems are not impenetrable and can be bypassed with enough time or knowledge.

Security Pens

Using security pens to mark your cash or stock can help you track them down again if stolen – this is a common practice used with high-value home items like art and jewellery. For this to be successful, it requires that someone inspects the items under a blacklight in the future.


Alarms can act as a deterrent for intruders and as a signal when a break-in occurs, often minimising how much time an intruder can spend on your premises and how much they can steal or damage.


Similarly to access control systems, safes can help you restrict access to valuable items reducing the chance of an employee stealing and making your premises a more difficult target for thieves.

While all of these alternatives provide some degree of security, there is no direct substitution for CCTV. We recommend using these in conjunction with some CCTV measures.

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You should always adhere to government rules when installing CCTV.

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