How can an Access Control System help your business?

An Access Control System is a security method that controls both physical and virtual access to your property. A physical access control system traditionally includes secured doors or other barriers that can be opened using identity authentication, such as access cards, pin codes or biometric identification.

Ease of access throughout the property

Once employees or authorised personnel are given authorisation, they have access to all areas of the business premises they need with a single access method. This provides employees with ease of access throughout their place of work.

No need for traditional keys

As the same access method can be used throughout the promises, there is no need for individual keys. This creates a simpler access system for employees and reduces the risk of losing access to areas of the building. An access control system saves time for employees by reducing the number of access methods – such as keys – needed throughout the business premises.

Reduce security risks

Access Control Systems eliminate the need for traditional keys. The lack of numerous keys prevents the prospect of future security issues such as lost or stolen keys which can result in unauthorised duplications and the need to change your locks.

If a key card is lost, its data can simply be deleted from the system to prevent unauthorised access.

You may have visitors coming into your business, whether this is regular or occasional, all visitors can pose a security risk to your premises. Access Control Systems enable you to provide your visitors with access to the areas they need but ensure they can’t gain access to any other areas of your business building.

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Allows for data tracking

Access Control Systems allow for data tracking, providing your business with information about site usage, frequency, and access trends. This allows for easy management of personal attendance, and unauthorised personal tracking.

Provides security during emergencies

As well as using this data for analysing building use, it can also provide extra management during evacuations such as fire alarms. This peace of mind isn’t only due to tracking movement but also the built-in safety procedures of an Access Control System.
As well as keeping unauthorised personnel out this security system ensures all doors automatically unlock in the case of a fire, ensuring all personnel can easily evacuate.

Access Control Systems provide extra security and peace of mind for both employees and employers.

Are you looking to increase security in your workplace? Whether for your employees, possessions or site, Access Control systems reduce the risk of losing keys, limits access for all those within the business premises, and provide helpful data to help track movements throughout the building.

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