How long does it take to get a key cut?

Many keys can be cut by professional locksmiths in just a few minutes – however there are some keys that will require longer.

Read our guide below to find out how long your key will take to cut or read our simple guide to key cutting for more information about the service.

How long do Yale keys take to cut?

Yale keys are one of the most common types of keys used for the main home lock. These are relatively quick to cut and can usually be done in a matter of minutes while you wait in store.

How long do mortice keys take to cut?

Mortice keys are a more traditional key often used for older locks or those on sheds and outbuildings. Mortice keys can be cut in a few minutes while you wait in store.

How long do 3 Star Cylinder keys take to cut?

3 Star Cylinder (or ‘Yale Superior’) keys are used with more advanced security locks that are designed to prevent cylinder snapping.

These keys require more specialist equipment and while many can be cut while you wait in store, it can take longer depending on the key. We will let you know when you drop your key off roughly how long we expect it to take. If you would like to know before coming into the store, please call us for an estimate on 0115 9780141

How long do car keys take to cut?

The time it takes to cut car keys depends entirely on the type of car and type of key you need. Spare car keys that require no programming can often be done in less than a day however those with more advanced programming requirements can take longer.

For specific estimates about your car key, call our store on 0115 9780141

How long do safe keys take to cut?

Similarly to Yale and mortice keys, safe keys don’t usually require any advanced equipment or programming. We can cut safe keys in the same day for you – simply drop off out our store in the morning and pick up in the afternoon or evening.

Do you need a new key or a new lock?

Sometimes a new lock may be a better solution than getting a new key cut. The more keys you have out there, the less secure your property, car or safe becomes.

Feel free to pop into our store to get your keys cut without any confusion or hassle! Our team are always on hand to help you with all your locksmith needs.