The simple guide to key cutting services

Approaching a locksmith without any knowledge of keys can be a bit daunting when you need a new one cutting.

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible when talking to our experts so we’ve created this simple guide to help you understand the different types of keys, their uses, average key cutting times and approximate costs.

Yale Keys

Yale keys are typically used as house keys. You may want to cut a spare for yourself, to provide to a trusted neighbour or to provide individual keys to members of your household.

How much do Yale keys cost to cut? Prices start from £3.75

How long do Yale keys take to cut? Yale keys can be cut while you wait in our Halls Locksmiths store

Safe Keys

Safe keys may occasionally need cutting to allow you to share access to a safe with someone else. But be warned that the more keys you have, the less secure your safe becomes.

How much do safe keys cost to cut? Prices start from £13.99 but can increase to £60 depending on type of safe key you have.

How long do safe keys take to cut? We can cut safe keys in the same day for you – simply drop off out our store in the morning and pick up in the afternoon or evening.

Mortice Keys

Mortice keys can be used for houses with older locks but are now most commonly used for sheds and other outbuildings.

How much do Mortice keys cost to cut? Prices start from £5.99

How long do Mortice keys take to cut? Mortice keys can be cut while you wait in our Halls Locksmiths store.

Car Keys

Spare car keys can be a lifesaver in an emergency. We’re only human so occasionally we may lose or misplace our keys. Simple spare car keys will allow you to manually unlock the car and start your engine while fully programmed car keys will let you unlock the car remotely and use any other features that your car allows.

How much do car keys cost to cut? For spare car keys that don’t need programming, prices start from £20. For fully programmed car keys, prices start from £60.

How long to car keys take to cut? This depends entirely on the type of car and type of key you need. For specific estimates about your car key, call our store on 0115 9780141

3 Star Cylinder Keys

Cylinder snapping is a common way that thieves bypass locks on UPVC doors. The 3 Star Cylinder locks have been designed to resist this and are therefore becoming a popular house lock and key option.

How much do 3 Star Cylinder keys cost to cut? Prices start from £16

How long does it take to cut 3 Star Cylinder keys? Many 3 Star Cylinder keys can be cut while you wait in store but occasionally it can take longer depending on the key. We will let you know when you drop your key off roughly how long we expect it to take. If you would like to know before coming into the store, please call us for an estimate on 0115 9780141

Keys For Business?

Master Keys

Master keys are a great way to access multiple locks without the hassle of multiple keys. They are a popular security option for landlords and business owners.

The price of our master keys will vary depending on exactly what your needs are and what you already have in place.

We design and manufacture all master keys in-house within our workshop, ensuring a fast turn-around for additional keys without the usual lengthy delays. Many are often completed within a day.

Feel free to pop into our store to get your keys cut without any confusion or hassle! Our team are always on hand to help you with all your locksmith needs.