What are the main differences between home and business security?

At Halls Locksmiths we offer both home and commercial security. Although there are key aspects of all property security that overlap, there are some significant differences between home and commercial security which are important to be aware of if you are looking to secure your property.

What is the purpose of home security?

The main purpose of home security is to keep your family, possessions, and property safe from external vandals and burglars.

What is the purpose of commercial security?

The main purpose of commercial security, much like home security, is to keep the property, possessions, and staff safe from outside burglary or vandalism. However, commercial security also aims to keep your business secure from any internal influences.

What are the different uses of key security measures in home and commercial security?


The main benefits of CCTV is to deter crime, and to help identify anyone involved in criminal activity. Whether installed in a home or business, CCTV can be used to greatly reduce crime as criminals will actively avoid properties with this security measure in place. The main difference between CCTV for home security and for commercial security is the placement of the CCTV cameras.

When installing CCTV for your home it will most likely be on the outside of your property, to prevent outside thieves from burgling or vandalising your property.

CCTV for commercial property is often installed both outside the property and inside to deter external criminals and to monitor employee and customer behaviour inside the property.

Window Grilles

Window Grilles are a simple and effective way to secure any glass entry point by creating a physical barrier that cannot be broken by intruders. They are a powerful way of deterring and restricting intruders from entering your property. Window Grilles are a popular security measure for commercial property, however they are less commonly used in homes.

Window Grilles are often installed in commercial properties as a means to deter thieves and criminals as they do not leave enough space to squeeze through and the metal used is too thick to cut through without heavy-duty equipment. This makes them an ideal security measure for businesses storing expensive equipment, products, or valuable documents.

Although this security measure can also benefit homes, they are less common due to their negative aesthetic properties and the obstruction they may cause in the case of an emergency: you will be unable to use windows with window grilles as an access or exit point during an emergency. In the same way that they stop intruders from entering, they will obstruct you from breaking the window to leave.

If you are looking to protect your home’s windows and doors but don’t want to install window grilles, consider roller shutters as an alternative security solution. Roller shutters are a retractable guard made from galvanised steel that can be manually or electrically lowered to protect windows and doors. Find out more.

Alarm Systems

Alarms systems can act as a deterrent for intruders. They provide easy to monitor sensors that notify you and/or the police of any break-ins. Knowing this system is in place, or being aware of having triggered it, often minimises how much time an intruder spends on your premises and how much they can steal or damage.

Both home and commercial security use alarm systems for the same means- to deter intruders and limit the time they spend in the property. Alarms are one of the most popular security measures to deter burglars in both homes and businesses.


Safes protect your valuables even when intruders manage to gain entry to the premises. A safe can help restrict access to valuable items reducing the chance of theft.

Theft or damage of valuables can be disastrous to businesses of all sizes. For a commercial property installing a safe can be one of the best ways to secure cash, documents, and smaller valuables on your business premises.

Installing a safe in your home is a practical way to protect your valuables from theft and fire. Safes are often installed in homes with the intention of providing added security to valuable possessions, however the security of safes can often be undermined if the homeowners don’t take proper precautions when installing and using them.

Installing a safe can improve your insurance premiums for both private and commercial properties and give you peace of mind when leaving valuables unsupervised.

Safes are a practical way to protect your valuables from intruders and damage. Whether for home or business, there are several things you should know before you buy a safe.

Break-ins are often the start of larger crimes such as theft or vandalism. The more you can do to prevent intruders on your premises, the less risk you have of being a victim of a more serious crime. Here are our top tips to discourage burglars.

Is external security more important than internal security?

Home security

All forms of home security are important, however external security is arguably the most important form. External security works to prevent outside people from breaking into your home by providing defences against break-ins and deters burglars.
Internal security limits the time intruders spend in your home as well as their access to valuables once inside. Although internal security is still important, external security is the first line of defence for your home and can often be enough to prevent break-ins altogether.

Whether you are moving into a new home or you’ve been in the same house for years, regular security checks are vital for keeping your home secure. Is your home secure?

Business Security

Although external security is the most important for your business, internal security plays a larger role than with home security. External security helps in preventing external people from breaking into or vandalising your commercial property, however businesses also often face internal threats such as employees or customers.
Internal security for commercial properties- such as master keys and access control systems- can limit where individuals are able to go within your property, as well as the time they spend in inside, reducing their access to valuables. Although internal security is arguably more important for commercial property than private, external security is the first line of defence for your business and can be enough to prevent most thefts and break-ins.

What security measures best help to keep your property and its content secure? Read the 6 top security measures all small businesses should use.

Property, like most procedures, needs an audit. A consistent security system needs to be in place to ensure that buildings are internally and externally secure. As Halls Locksmiths we provide a wide variety of reliable internal and external security products in our store to prevent incidents from happening at your business property.

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