What do burglars look for in your business premises?

Ease of unauthorised access

Without a regulated access system in place, you have little to no control over who has access to your business. An access control system regulates and restricts who can enter your commercial property at any time. These systems can be installed as simple keypads or as a more sophisticated electronic network throughout premises with multiple doors and buildings depending on the level of security you are looking for.

The keyless access that an access control system offers reduces the risk of break-ins by increasing security, limiting access to both employees and visitors, and by providing a visual deterrent for burglars looking to break in.

Weak access points

One of the easiest ways for burglars to gain access to your commercial property is through weak access points. This includes low-quality locks, gaps in your property boundary, or unsecured entrances and exits.

Secure your week access points easily and effectively by:

  • Investing in high-quality locks (such as anti-snap locks)
  • Utilising high fences, bushes, and security lights around your property boundaries
  • Include security systems, such as CCTV and access control at your property entrances and exits

All of these things will make it harder for burglars to access your commercial property, making it less appealing to those looking to break in.

Hiding places

Burglars look for spaces in your commercial property that can be used as hiding places. They use these spaces to conceal themselves from you and your employees while:

  • They’re casing your property
  • During the break-in itself
  • When hiding your valuables to take at a later time

Intruders often hide in hidden alcoves, shadowy areas or places concealed by shrubbery. Identifying these areas is the first stage in securing them. Once identified you can either make them more exposed or, if that isn’t possible, install security lights that will shine on these areas when movement is detected.

Exposed valuables

Burglars want to make the best use of their time so they will break into your business when they believe there is something worth stealing.
Keep your valuables hidden from the outside by positioning your expensive pieces of technology away from windows and not leaving private documents or safes on show to those visiting your premise.

If you have lots of valuable items in your commercial property it is worth investing in more advanced security measures including CCTV and alarm systems. While this may indicate that you have something worth stealing, the chance of being caught on camera often acts as a deterrent for those wishing to burgle or vandalise your property.

Burglaries can have a significant impact on your business, affecting you both financially and emotionally. Make sure your business security is properly set up to protect you from break-ins. Get in touch with our experienced team for advice on 0115 9780141 or pop into our shop.