What is the best type of security for your windows and doors?

Security grilles and shutters are a wonderful solution for your doors and windows in home security and commercial security. They are both powerful ways of deterring and restricting access to burglars, while being either removable or foldable for ease of use. Keep reading to find the ideal security solution for your property.

What are security grilles and shutters?

Security grilles, also known as security gates, are metal barriers placed on either the inside or outside of windows and glass doors to prevent intruders from entering your premises – even if the glass is smashed. Security grilles can be permanently fixed or manually retracted when not in use and come in a range of sizes, making them suitable for all property types.

Roller shutters, also known as security shutters, are retractable guards made from galvanised steel that can be manually or electrically lowered to protect windows and doors.

What is the best type of security for you?

You want to prevent damage to your windows and doors

If you are looking for a security solution that can prevent damage to your doors or walls, roller shutters are an ideal solution. Roller shutters are most frequently installed on the outside of an entry point to prevent criminals from damaging windows and doors to gain entry to the premises.

You want to deter criminals looking to break into the property

Thieves and trespassers are often deterred from targeted properties with security grilles as they don’t leave enough space for criminals to squeeze through, and the metal that security grilles are made from is too thick to cut through without heavy-duty equipment.

You want increased security without affecting the use of the property

Some window and door security solutions can reduce the amount of natural light entering the property. Security grilles can be used at all times while still allowing plenty of light into the property. This means that your home or office can be protected all day without compromising its use. Many properties use security grilles as a decorative feature and install them permanently as fixed options rather than as a retractable security measure.

Unfortunately, if you have fixed security grilles, you will be unable to use that window as an access or exit point during an emergency. In the same way that they stop intruders from entering, they will obstruct you from breaking the window.

This drawback only applies to fixed security grilles, retractable grilles may not pose as much of an obstruction in an emergency. This is important to consider when choosing your security grilles.

You want a quick, cost-effective security solution that is simple to install

Security grilles are a relatively quick and simple security measure to install. This makes this security solution a more cost-effective way of protecting homes and businesses with limited budgets.

While security grilles are relatively simple to install, they should always be installed by a professional.

You are staying in the same property for a long period of time

Security grilles are made-to-measure based on your specific window dimensions. This means they will perfectly fit your property to add extra security protection. However, this does mean it’s unlikely that the same set will fit the windows if you move home or business premises so you will need to invest in new ones.

If you move frequently and don’t want to buy new security grilles, you may want to consider other security options such as CCTV or safes.

You want to protect your property against the elements

If you are looking for a security solution that protects your property against the elements, roller shutters could be a good security measure for you. Since roller shutters form a solid barrier between the building and outside, they provide thermal insulation, weather protection, and noise reduction, as well as their primary security function.

Are you looking to invest in security solutions for your windows and doors? Security grilles and shutters are both powerful solutions to protect your property. Find out more about the pros and cons of each of these security solutions.

Locking your doors and windows may not be enough to deter criminals and prevent them from forcing entry to your property. At Halls Locksmiths, we can provide and efficiently install both security grilles and roller shutters for any premises needing a powerful way of deterring and restricting intruders.

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