What to look out for in your local locksmith

When you hire a locksmith, you’re usually not having the best day. You may have lost your keys, been broken into or snapped a key in a lock.

This means the last thing you want is to hire a locksmith who is going to make your day worse by doing a bad job or overcharging you. In 2020, the MLA received over 500 reports of rogue locksmiths doing just that!

So, what should you look for in your local locksmith?

MLA Approved

The Master Locksmiths Association can help you find approved locksmiths in your local area. A locksmith can only become MLA approved after having at least 2 years of experience, passing an exam and undergoing an inspection by the MLA.

Make sure to check any claims a locksmith makes about being MLA approved as many make false claims to gain more trust. If they are genuinely approved they will be listed on the MLA website.

Halls Locksmiths are MLA approved company, view our MLA profile.

You should also avoid any locksmith that claims to be “Police Approved” or “Police Recommended” as the police do not advocate for any specific locksmith.

Experience & Reputation

While every locksmith has to start somewhere, in particularly vulnerable situations you’ll likely want someone who knows exactly what they’re doing and has a reputation for doing a great job. Look at how long the locksmith has been established to understand how much experience they have – if the information isn’t available on their website you will be able to find key dates on Companies House.

Halls Locksmiths was established over 130 years ago so we’ve seen pretty much every type of locksmith emergency you can imagine and plenty of experience to help us solve your dilemma.

It’s also worth reading reviews about the company wherever you can find them including Google Reviews, Trustpilot or Facebook. Finding out what people liked and disliked about a locksmith can not only help you decide if they’re trustworthy – but also if they’re the right locksmith for your current situation.

Safe & Helpful Methods

A major warning sign that you’re dealing with a rogue locksmith is if they try to drill the lock straight away. Any experienced and good-quality locksmith will be looking for the best solution for the customer – i.e. one with the least damage to your property.

A good locksmith (with plenty of experience) may also advise you on some tricks to try yourself when you first call up. We’re always looking to provide the most cost-effective solution and not charge you for anything you don’t need so if the problem sounds like something you can fix yourself with some instruction it can save you the cost of call-out charges!

Local Service

If you’re in a situation where you need to call a locksmith out, you probably want them to get to you as soon as possible which means you don’t want to wait for hours while they drive across the whole county. Find a locksmith in your local area and check the address of the locksmith on their website – be wary of addresses on Google and Facebook as these are often incorrect.

Similarly, be wary of national locksmith brands who may advertise services in a broad area but don’t actually have a specific base to send locksmiths out from. It’s always worth asking about approximate wait times when you call up and checking with a few companies to find the shortest time.

Halls Locksmiths is based in the centre of Nottingham which makes us an ideal emergency locksmith for those in the city and surrounding areas. We often arrive within 30 minutes so you can get back on with the rest of your day as soon as possible.

Locksmith name and details

When you call out a locksmith you’re giving them more access to your property and security than you would give to most other tradespeople. Con artists and thieves can seize these opportunities to pose as a locksmith and gain entry into your property. This is why you should always ask for the name of your locksmith and a description of their appearance so that you can verify their identity when they arrive. If they’re unable or unwilling to provide these details, you should try another locksmith.

This is another reason you should be careful when contacting national locksmith companies as they’ll often subcontract their jobs to other locksmiths and be unable to provide with these details that could protect you.

Accidentally hiring a rogue or poor locksmith can cause you more bother in an already stressful situation and end up costing you over £200 more than it needs to! Use this checklist to make sure you always pick a good local locksmith.

Halls Locksmiths are available 24/7 if you need a locksmith in Nottingham. Call us on 0115 9780141