Home Security Top Tips

  • Always lock your doors while in your property, unlocked doors are a sneak thief’s dream.
  • Don’t hang up your keys or leave them lying around in full view, keep them out of sight, out of reach and keep spare keys down to a minimum.
  • Fit British Standard locks and independent window locks.
  • Never unlock a door to a caller unless you know who it is, forceful entry is quick and easy for the thief once the door has been unlocked.
  • Fit quality locks to your shed and garage.
  • Use a security pen to mark high value items with your post code and record each item with a photograph.
  • Fit security lighting to deter a thief during nightfall.
  • Restrict access around your property with lockable side gates.
  • Keep hedges, trees and shrubs in your front garden below window sill height to stop the thief having a screen to work behind.
  • Lock your doors and windows, set your alarm when going to bed or when leaving the house even if your just nipping down the shops. Insurers may not pay out in the event of a claim if you don’t.
  • Limit the time a thief spends in your house, fit a quality intruder alarm system. Thieves don’t like loud sirens.
  • Fit a quality house safe for cash, jewellery, passports and documents. Thieves target the main bedroom looking for small high value items.
  • Fit high rear garden fences, thorny bushes and spiky plants. These can act as deterrents to hinder a would be thief climbing walls or fences.
  • Fit CCTV, be aware who’s been visiting your house while your away.
  • Make contact with your local neighbourhood watch coordinator, see what the local crime trends are in your area.
  • Check the small print of your home contents insurance to make sure you comply with it’s conditions. Insurers may not pay out in the event of a claim if you don’t already comply.
  • Lock your wheelie bin against a wall, don’t let the thief use your bin as a climbing aid to access a flat or sloping roof.