How Easily Can Your Locks be Broken?

Are your locks safe?

Do you know what locks your doors have? The most common door lock is the euro cylinder. Unfortunately, it has never been easier to break into a property with a standard euro cylinder lock. By simply purchasing basic hand tools from any DIY store a euro lock cylinder can be snapped in just 5-10 seconds. Homeowners are shocked by how easily and quickly this multi-point locking mechanism can be opened despite having previously been considered so secure.

Can your locks be broken using cylinder snapping?

Cylinder snapping (or lock snapping) is a method used by burglars to break into properties with euro cylinder locks. It’s very common due to the lack of skills it requires for thieves to snap the lock. Many types of euro lock cylinders are prone to lock snapping and can be found on almost all domestic houses with UPVC doors, and a significant number of composite & aluminium doors.

The following types of euro cylinders are prone to lock snapping:

  1. Single Cylinders – only gain access from one side
  2. Double Cylinders– gain access from both sides
  3. Thumbturn Cylinders – can lock & unlock from the inside without a key

How to stop intruders from cylinder snapping

There is a solution. Anti-snap or snap safe cylinders offer varying levels of security, with cutting edge features to combat cylinder snapping amongst other attacks.

Anti-snap locks are made of high security euro lock cylinders. They are designed and tested to protect against lock snapping, stopping a thief from breaking the lock. To ensure the best level of safety for your property your locks should be tested against certain standards.

Make sure the anti-snap locks you fit meet one of the below 3 standards:

SS312 Diamond Approved Standard Cylinder

SS312 Diamond is the highest level of approval for a euro cylinder lock. Since its launch in 2011 the Sold Secure standard is seen by most as the leader above other standards against cylinder snapping, and therefore the approval to have.

1-star Kitemarked Cylinder with 2-star Kitemarked door furniture

A 1-star kitemark cylinder fitted with a 2-star kite mark door furniture (door handle, cylinder guard) provides provides three lines of defence against cylinder snapping.

  1. Cylinder Guard protects Cylinder Attacks – The primary advantage of a high-security door handle is the cylinder guard that protects against lock cylinder attacks when burglars attempt lock snapping.
  2. Protect against Handle snapping – Chamfered edges and the high strength of the handle protects against mole grips attacks.
  3. Thicker than standard handles – Most are at least twice as thick, with some being solid metal.

TS007 3-star Euro Lock Cylinder

If your lock bears the 3-Star Kitemark Logo, this indicates the lock is tested against cylinder snapping. The Kitemark logo can usually be found on either the front or side of the euro cylinder, however, it can be anywhere on the lock. This standard provides true resistance to snapping.
T3-star Euro Lock Cylinder locks are our preferred anti-snap lock as they are the highest-tested standard of lock to protect your home or business property. Pop into our store or call our team to get yours installed.

As important as the lock certification is, ensuring your lock is fitted by a locksmith is crucial. To provide the highest level of protection for your space it is important to have your locks fitted correctly. Incorrectly fitted locks can leave your property vulnerable to break-ins, regardless of the standard of your locks.

Our friendly team are always available to offer you advice on ensuring your house or office is safe. We are happy to help with anything you need to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.