5 quick and easy ways to secure your small business

We know that small businesses need to concentrate on actually running their business and don’t have time to implement complex security measures – but, what else can you do besides using a good quality lock?

We have spent the last 130 years securing other Nottingham businesses from theft and intruders to ensure they can get on with growing their companies without worrying about security. Here are 5 quick and easy ways we recommend securing your business premises.

1. Install A Security Light

Security lights act as a great deterrent for potential trespassers and can help you to see anyone who does approach. Security lights fix to the outside of your building and turn on when they detect motion nearby.

If you have visitors or customers at your premises, security lights can also help them feel more secure when it’s dark outside as they’ll be able to see outside the building.

Security lights are available at a variety of price ranges to suit all budgets and can be installed either by yourself or a professional in less than an hour.

2. Install An Intruder Alarm

An alarm will alert you when someone unauthorised enters your business premises allowing you to call for help immediately. Alarms can also limit the damage an intruder can cause as they’ll want to escape quickly and spend as little time at the crime scene as possible.

Alarms like these can be set up in several ways, some automatically alert a security service when there is an issue while some require more manual effort on your part. Regardless of the alarm system you choose, they are all relatively quick to install – it’s best to employ a professional for this task to ensure it is set up correctly.

We recommend speaking to business security experts like Halls Locksmiths or other local security experts in your area to ensure you get an alarm system that best suits your needs and budget.

3. Set Up CCTV

CCTV is both an incredible deterrent for crime, as well as a helpful tool to identify anyone involved in criminal activity. The use of CCTV can reduce crime by up to 51% as criminals will actively avoid businesses and households that could easily identify them.

CCTV has evolved tremendously over the last decade with many options requiring little setup meaning they can be set up and installed within a day!

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4. Lock Cash & Valuables In Safes

Freestanding safes, wall safes and underfloor safes are one of the best ways to secure cash and smaller valuables e.g. jewellery, specialist tools and confidential documents. Theft or damage of these valuables can be disastrous to small businesses so these must be protected.

Safes protect your valuables even when intruders manage to gain entry to the premises, can improve your insurance premiums and give you peace of mind when leaving valuables unsupervised.

We stock a large variety of safes for various purposes, sizes and budgets, including reconditioned safes so there is something available for every small business.

Need to store larger valuables in a room rather than a safe? Consider using master key systems to control access to that area. We design and manufacture all master keys in-house within our workshop, ensuring a fast turn-around for additional keys without the usual lengthy delays. Many are often completed within a day.

5. Use Window Grilles

Strengthen your perimeter and protect your valuables by installing window grilles across your business premises. Window grilles prevent intruders from smashing your windows to gain access to the property and are essential if you store valuables inaccessible locations.

Some measurements and small assessments will be needed before you can go ahead and install grilles on your windows, but once this is done it will only take a couple of hours (depending on the number of windows being secured) to install.

Business security doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. Pop into our store or give our team a call on 0115 9780141 to discuss the best way to secure your small business premises.