How can you improve your university security?

Higher education places intense demands on students and staff, which is why they should be able to focus on their work rather than security concerns. Especially on campuses and in large buildings which are in frequent use by different people, it’s important for your students and staff to feel like they’re safe and protected in their place of study.

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So what can you do to improve security at your university?

Monitor your whole campus with CCTV

CCTV works as a deterrent against trespassing, vandalism, and theft, as well as being a helpful tool to identify anyone involved in criminal activity.

CCTV helps students and staff members to feel safe and enables your security team to easily monitor the premises for security concerns.

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Install security lights in low visibility areas

Security lights fix to the outside of your building and turn on when they detect motion nearby – they act as a great deterrent for potential trespassers who don’t want to be seen.

Security lights can also help individuals at the university feel more secure when it’s dark outside as they’ll be able to see around them and identify any threats in advance.

Implement access control systems

Not everybody who has been granted access to your university campus should have access to every room or area, therefore, you need to have the ability to control who enters certain areas. Access control systems allow you to control physical and virtual access through your school with authentication credentials.

A physical access control system can include secured doors and gates that can be opened using a form of identity authentication, such as access cards, pin codes or thumbprints. This form of security system can be used to allow students access to different parts of the school premises, and prevent students and certain members of staff from having access to restricted areas or items- such as chemistry labs or facilities.

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Fix window grilles to buildings

Thieves and other criminals are often deterred from targeting buildings with window grilles since they do not leave enough space to squeeze through and the metal used is too thick to cut through without heavy-duty equipment.

Window grilles can be used 24/7 and still let plenty of light in meaning that your university buildings can keep them permanently fitted without disrupting the working environment for students and staff.

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Set up alarms

Alarms can act as a deterrent for intruders. Alarm systems provide easy to monitor sensors that notify you and/or the police of any break-ins if your deterrents fail. Knowing this system is in place, or being aware of having triggered it, often minimises how much time an intruder spends on your premises and how much they can steal or damage.

The protection of any college or university campus has to be assessed regularly to ensure safety measures are being met at all times.

At Halls Locksmiths we can ensure your students, staff, assets, and buildings are safe by providing you with expert advice and a trusted combination of traditional and modern methods of security.

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