How to get the most out of your safe

Safes are a practical way to protect your valuables from thieves and fire. However, the security of safes can often be undermined if the owners don’t take proper precautions when installing and using them.

Once you’ve chosen the best safe for your needs, whether it’s for business or personal use, there are some things you can do to make sure you get the best level of security from it.

Anchor your safe

A common mistake made by new safe owners is that they don’t anchor their safes to the floor or wall. While some commercial-use safes are heavy enough to not need anchoring, most everyday safes are light enough for a thief to simply pick up and transport to another location.

All safes can be anchored in some way and it is a relatively simple process to anchor a safe to the floor or wall. By simply drilling a few holes and securing a few bolts, you can protect your safe from being snatched during a burglary.

Limit access to the safe

The point of a safe is that only a few people have access to it. The more people that have access to your safe, the less secure it becomes.

Limit access to your safe by:

  • Having minimal safe keys
  • Not leaving keys hanging up in visible places
  • Not sharing the access code
  • Not leaving the code written down
  • Making the code random instead of something that could be guessed by an acquaintance
  • Cleaning any keypad or biometric pads regularly

Avoid humid rooms

If your safe has electronic functions (lights, keypads, biometric locks, etc), it is best to avoid humid rooms. Humid rooms put both your safe and valuables at risk of moisture which can cause significant damage. If you can’t avoid humidity altogether, put protective measures in place like dehumidifiers and silica gel packs.

Don’t make your safe too inaccessible

While a visible safe can be a good target for burglars, a safe that’s too hidden away or inaccessible is less likely to be used regularly. Instead, you’ll tend to store valuables in a less secure location “just for now” and often forget to put them in the safe.

Some tips for making your safe accessible to you but secure from burglars include:

  • Opting for wall safes rather than freestanding or underfloor safes
  • Putting them in rooms with no access from outside
  • Placing them on shelves where you can easily conceal them but access them quickly

Safes are a great way to keep your valuables concealed and secure – but only if you take the proper precautions when using them. Use these tips to get the highest level of security from your safe no matter the make, size or cash rating.

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