How to secure your garden this summer

There has never been a more important time to make sure your garden is secure: whether you’re staying at home or going on holiday, an unsecure garden is a massive risk to your family and household.

Lock side gates

Keep any gates leading to your garden locked at all times. Unlocked gates give intruders easy access to your garden in places that are often left unseen by neighbours. Make sure you lock your gates from the inside using a good quality padlock – while it may be more effort for you to unlock gates, this also makes it more difficult for intruders to break in. Ensure any kids living in or visiting your house know how important it is to keep gates locked.

Install security cameras outside your home

Security cameras are a great deterrent to intruders considering breaking into your garden and can help to identify those that do. Make sure you place your security cameras in visible positions out of easy reach to others.

Keep garden boundaries high

While we advise keeping fences and shrubbery low at the front of your property, when it comes to the back garden you want these to be as high as possible – ideally over 6ft! A high fence stops potential thieves from seeing what’s in your garden and makes it more difficult for any intruders trying to break in.

Top tip: make the top of your fence sharp and spiky using trellises, fence panels or spiky plants to deter intruders.

Install security lights around your garden

Security lights will alert you to any motion outside your home that you’re not expecting. Similarly to cameras, security lights serve as a great deterrent and a way to identify intruders. Make sure you install lights in places where they will detect motion anywhere in your garden so that intruders can’t hide in one spot (you may need more than one light depending on your garden).

Check the quality of your fence and outbuildings

If you have any gaps or rotting wood in your fence, shed or bike storage you should get it fixed ASAP. Weaknesses like these can be exploited by intruders to gain entry to your garden and valuables.

Use gravel for pathways

Gravel is much more difficult for intruders to walk on undetected compared to other surfaces such as grass and concrete. This will help you hear when anyone is approaching your home.

Secure your shed

Use sheds and storage buildings to hide away valuables and tools (e.g. bikes and lawnmowers) so that thieves can’t easily get them out of your garden. This also ensures they can’t be used as a weapon or aid to get into your house.

But make sure you have secured your shed properly – using a high quality lock and an alarm can ensure your valuables stay safe.

Protect garden furniture

We know that not all valuables in your garden can be stored in a shed (think furniture, water features and decorative plant pots) but there are still measures you can take to secure them. Mark all valuables with your last name and postcode using security pen so that they can be identified in the event they are stolen.

You should also consider anchoring them to the ground using chain locks and garden stakes.

Secure garden animals

Animals that you keep in the garden (e.g. fish or chickens) are attractive targets for thieves. Make sure you have secured them properly with chicken wire and hutch locks that will prevent them from being stolen easily.

Your home is where you and your family should feel safest but we often expose ourselves to more risks than we know – especially when it comes to garden security. For more advice on securing your home or to upgrade your home security, visit our store or call our friendly team on 0115 9780141.