Top 5 things to know before you buy a safe

Safes are a practical way to protect your valuables from intruders and damage. Safes come in a range of different sizes, cash ratings and prices, amongst other safety benefits that are important to consider as a buyer depending on your circumstances. Whether for home or business, there are several things you should know before you buy a safe.
Keep reading to find out what these are and why they are important for your security.

1. What size safe do you need?

The size of the safe you need depends entirely on what you are putting in it and where it is going. If you only need the safe the store small valuables or documents, then a smaller safe is appropriate. However, remember that a safe is a highly beneficial security measure and therefore you may wish to use it to secure more items in the future. Considering the future use of your safe when considering the size to get will prevent you from outgrowing it and needing to upsize later.

Knowing what you will be using your safe for and the overall size of these items before going into store will help you when finding a safe with the right capacity for your needs.

2. What safe cash rating do you need?

The cash rating on a safe is one of the most important factors to be aware of when buying a safe as it tells you how much insurers believe it can safely store. This information will give you an indication of how secure the safe you are purchasing is and how much an insurer may pay-out in the event of a burglary.

So how do you know what cash rating you need? This will depend on both what you are looking to store in your safe and the value of those items. A safe will store up to the monetary amount on the cash rating or 10 times that amount in valuables such as jewellery. For example, if you were wishing to store either £1,000 in cash or up to £10,000 in valuables, you would need to buy a safe with a cash rating of £1,000.

Unsure what cash rating you need? Find the best safe to keep your valuables secure.

3. Where will your safe be stored?

The point of a safe is to limit access to your valuables. The more people who have access to it, the less secure it will be. Finding the right place to store your safe will have a big impact on its security.
There are three main types of safe. The type you buy will affect where it can be stored:

  • Free standing safe- a traditional style which sits on the floor
  • Underfloor safe- a safe that is concealed underneath a concrete or wooden floor
  • Wall safe- a safe that is fitted flush to a brick wall

Accessibility is also another important thing to consider when deciding where to store your safe. While a visible safe can be a good target for burglars, a safe that’s too hidden may be more inaccessible for you and therefore less likely to be used regularly. This could lead to valuables being stored in a less secure location “temporarily” and then not getting moved back into the safe.

Find our tips for making your safe accessible to you but secure from burglars.

4. Will you be anchoring your safe?

A common mistake made by new safe owners is not anchoring their safes. Some commercial-use safes may be heavy enough to not need anchoring, however most everyday safes are light enough for a thief to simply pick up and take to another location. Anchoring your safe to either the floor or a wall will prevent this from happening.

Anchoring a safe to a floor or wall is a relatively simple process and can be done for all safes. All it takes is drilling a few holes and securing a few bolts to protect your safe -and all valuables it contains- from being taken during a burglary.

5. What fire rating will I need?

Fireproof safes are extremely popular for domestic and business use due to the robust nature that they have against fire destroying important documents, cash, and assets. A fireproof safe will protect your valuables against heat, smoke, and in some cases water, for a certain period of time. A fireproof safe with a fire rating of 30 minutes should be sufficient in a home, however a higher fire rating may be required in a commercial environment in order to protect any paper or cash in the event of a fire.

Unsure what fire rating you need for your safe? Contact us for expert advice.

At Halls Locksmiths, we supply and install safes which vary in size, access and the amount of heat that they are able to withstand. We can equip you with safes which have been specifically designed to protect cash to the amount of £1,000 to £150,000 from theft and fire.

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