What can a locksmith actually do?

Most people think of a locksmith when they’re locked out of their house or need a key cutting, but locksmiths are experts in a wide range of home and business security measures.

A locksmith can probably do a lot more than you think – from key cutting to window grilles to business security systems.

Cut Keys

One of the most common jobs a locksmith will carry out is cutting spare keys for your home or business. Depending on the key, this can often be carried out in store while you wait.

House Keys

The most common keys that are cut for houses include:

  • Yale Keys
  • Mortice Keys
  • 3 Star Cylinder Keys

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Master Key systems

Master key systems are popular with landlords and business owners who need to access multiple locks without the hassle of multiple keys. We design and manufacture all master keys in-house within our workshop, ensuring a fast turn-around for additional keys without the usual lengthy delays. Many are often completed within a day.

Car Key Cutting & Programming

Simple spare car keys will allow you to manually unlock the car and start your engine while fully programmed car keys will let you unlock the car remotely and use any other features that your car allows.

Car keys that don’t need programming can often be cut in less than a day by your local locksmith but more advanced requirements may take longer.

Fix Faulty Locks & Doors

Our 24-hour emergency locksmiths are often called out to fix faulty locks or even faulty doors that may have perfect locks but misaligned latches or distorted door frames. Our locksmiths are here to help you gain safe entry into your property and feel safe in your home – even if the problem isn’t with a lock!

Remove Stuck or Snapped Keys

Another common problem that our emergency locksmiths get called to fix are keys that are stuck in the lock or that have snapped in the lock. Depending on the severity of the issue, this can often be dealt with quickly and with minimal damage to your lock.

Fit Window & Door Locks

Any access point into your home should have a means of securing it from intruders – i.e. locks should be on all external doors (plus internal doors in a business premises) and windows. Our locksmiths can advise you on the best lock for your property, requirements and budgets in addition to providing expert installation.

Set Up Access Control Systems

Just because the keys used in access control systems aren’t traditional metal keys does not mean that locksmiths can’t work with them. Locksmiths like us can help you to set up, install and programme key cards, fobs or codes for access around your business premises.

The use of an Access Control System instead of using traditional key methods can save your company money. The use of technical access keys significantly reduces the risk of losing keys and key duplications – eliminating future locksmiths costs.

Implement Home Security Measures

Alongside door and window locks, locksmiths can also help with other aspects of your home security including CCTV, padlocks, safes and more.

Security Safes & Locks

Many people don’t realise that locksmiths are also experts in safes and safe locks. Safes come in a variety of sizes, prices and types so you should always speak to an expert before purchasing one for your home or business.

Install Window Grilles & Shutters

Window grilles and shutters are a popular way of securing businesses like retail stores and cafes from intruders overnight. Locksmiths can help your business to assess the need for grilles or shutters, measure and provide them, and finally install them securely on your premises.

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