How does CCTV installation work?

Installing CCTV ensures that nobody can approach or gain access to your property without your knowledge and permission.

What are the benefits of CCTV installation?

CCTV offers numerous security benefits, from reducing your insurance premium to deterring criminals. Installing CCTV can decrease crime by up to 51%, compared to areas which aren’t monitored. Professionally installing CCTV cameras can not only increase the deterrence of burglars and trespassers but can also help to identify culprits and recover stolen assets by providing you with the evidence you need during criminal investigations.

CCTV for business

Installing CCTV at your business has many benefits, including being able to monitor employee behaviour and helping protect your employees and customers by deterring intruders. At Halls Locksmiths we have worked to secure Nottingham businesses for over 130 years. Does your business need CCTV? Call one of our experts for advice on 0115 9780141.

CCTV for homes

Securing your home has always been important and with many now working from home, more advanced security measures are gaining popularity. CCTV cameras are great deterrents to intruders, especially when placed in visible positions and out of easy reach of others. For more home security tips, visit our store or call our friendly team on 0115 9780141.

CCTV installation Nottingham

At Halls Locksmiths we will assess your need for CCTV and offer the best tailored solution and installation to suit all your requirements and your budget. We can advise you on the best CCTV systems for you and your property, whether you are installing a CCTV system for the first time or wanting to upgrade your current system.

We supply and install a range of CCTV and expert fitting services in Nottingham:
• 2mp to 8mp (4K) systems fitted
• Smart Infra-Red night vision
• Remote viewing for iPhone or Android
• Internal and external cameras
• Digital recordings with smart search

We offer property visits to provide you with honest advice and to install the most trusted CCTV products for your home and business. Ensure that your CCTV system is the thing that stands in the way of crime and the risk of becoming a victim of criminal activity.

Contact us or visit our store to take advantage of the most sophisticated CCTV technology on the marketplace as an effective way of monitoring and preventing external and internal criminal activity.