When should I change my locks?

“When should I change my locks?” is a question we regularly get asked. Since many burglars enter homes through the front door, your locks must be up to date so you can keep your property, possessions and loved ones safe.

6 times you should change your locks

1. When you move into a new home

When you moved into a new home, it is advisable to change the locks (even in a brand new home). You have no way of knowing how the developer or previous owner looked after their lock security and you can’t be sure there aren’t people with keys to the existing locks.

2. When someone moves out of your home

Similarly, if someone moves out of your home who previously lived with you, you should change the locks so that their old key (along with any copies that may have been shared) will no longer grant them access to your property. Whether they are a friend, roommate or ex who you think has no ill intentions, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

3. After a break-in

If you have experienced a break-in, one of the security measures you should take is to change your locks. A new (and often stronger) lock can protect you if the intruder or an accomplice chooses to return. If your locks remain the same, they can bypass them using the same method or use a key that was stolen during their last break-in. Locks damaged from previous break-ins are also more susceptible to future intruders.

After a break-in, you might want to consider upgrading your overall home security with CCTV, alarms and locks. Read more home security tips.

4. If you lose a key

Your first thought after losing a key may be to simply replace it – but if you don’t know exactly where it is and therefore don’t know who exactly has access to your property, your home is no longer secure. While it can feel like a hassle, getting a new lock installed when you lose a key is a much more time and cost-effective solution than being robbed.

5. If your lock is faulty or damaged

If you’ve ever had to jiggle a lock to make it work or lift the door handle in just the right way – you need a new lock ASAP. Faulty and damaged locks present opportunities that intruders can exploit. Add to this the fact that a new lock will be less daily hassle for you when entering and leaving your home, this seems like a great choice all around.

6. Every 7 years

Door locks experience wear and tear like any other part of the house. Over time, they will need replacing so that they can function correctly, without any problems and to the latest home security standards. It is recommended that you change your locks at least every 7 years, however, you can change them more frequently for your peace of mind or to simply upgrade.

Consider reviewing the type of lock your door has to determine how easily your lock can be broken.

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