Is external home security more important than internal security?

The short answer is yes.

All forms of home security are important for protecting your home, however, external security is arguably the most important form. External security works to prevent people from breaking into your home. It provides defences against break-ins and deters burglars from targeting your property. Internal security limits the time intruders spend in your home as well as their access to valuables once inside. Although internal security is still important, external security is the first line of defence for your home and can often be enough to prevent break-ins altogether.

What is external home security?

External home security is any security measures that are on the outside of your property. Creating visual and hidden barriers between your home and burglars could be the thing that stands in the way of your family and possessions being at risk.

This type of security includes:

As well as including new security measures, external security also includes how your property looks. Thieves often scope out your home before deciding to commit a burglary. High thorny bushes or fences at the back of your property, and not hanging up your keys in plain sight from outside will prevent thieves from considering your property for a break-in. Keeping hedges low at the front of your home will prevent a thief from having a screen to work behind, also limiting the likelihood of a break-in.

What is internal security?

Internal home security is any security measures that are on the inside of your property. If somebody enters your home, they may not be successful in stealing your possessions with adequate internal security methods in place.

If you are unfortunate enough to have an intruder break into your home, you can limit the amount of time they have to steal by including some of the below security measures.

This type of security includes:

Are you unsure about your external home security? At Halls Locksmiths we can undertake a security survey for your home by seeing your property through the eyes of a burglar in order to expertly advise you on the best home security methods to stop a burglar from entering your property and prevent you from becoming a victim of theft.

Is your home secure? Read our article ‘How can you check if your home is secure?’, or contact us for honest expert advice and high-quality, trusted products for protecting your property, family and belongings from trespassers.