7 ways to discourage burglars

Burglaries can have a significant financial, emotional, and mental impact on your family or business. With a burglary happening every 30 seconds, making sure your property’s security is properly set up to protect you from break-ins is more important than ever.

Break-ins are often the start of larger crimes such as theft or vandalism. The more you can do to prevent intruders on your premises, the less risk you have of being a victim of a more serious crime. Here are our top tips to discourage burglars.

1. Install a burglar alarm

Burglar alarms are one of the most popular security measures to deter burglars. As well as discouraging burglars from breaking into the property, burglar alarms also effectively alert the owners to any break-ins. This means that even if an intruder enters your property, they may not be successful in stealing your possessions due to this internal security measure.

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2. Install CCTV

CCTV helps to discourage burglars and identify culprits in the event of break-ins. It ensures that nobody can approach or gain access to your property without your knowledge or permission. Professionally installing CCTV cameras around your premises can decrease the likelihood of a break-in by as much as 67% according to experts.

CCTV has numerous benefits for business. Do you think your business needs CCTV?

3. Get grilles or shutters

Both security grilles and roller shutters are powerful ways to discourage burglars from entering your property. Locking your doors and windows may not be enough to deter burglars from breaking into your home. Shutters can be placed on either glass doors or windows to prevent intruders from being able to break into your property, even if the glass is smashed.

4. Install an access control system

Access control systems regulate and restrict who can enter your property at any time. These systems can be installed as simple keypads or as a sophisticated electronic network throughout premises with multiple doors and buildings.

Access control systems offer keyless access to a premises. This reduces the risk of break-ins by increasing security, limiting access and providing a visual deterrent for burglars looking to break in.
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5. Use a safe for valuables

Burglars want to make the best use of their time so they will break into houses where they believe there is something worth stealing. By installing a safe for your valuables burglars will be less likely to target your property due to the added time and skill needed to attempt to break into a safe. Whether protecting valuables at home, or at your business, safes are a great security option that come in a range of sizes, cash ratings and prices. Find the best safe to keep your valuables secure and prevent theft.

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6. Secure your garden

Whether you are at home or going on holiday, an unsecure garden is a big risk to your property, possessions and family or employees. As well as securing your garden with gate locks, high boundaries, and high-quality fences, installing obvious security measures are key to discouraging burglars. Installing visible security measures such as CCTV and security lighting serve as great deterrents and ways to identify intruders. For more advice on securing your garden, read our article ‘How to secure your garden this summer’.

Are you unsure how to secure your home or business? Burglaries can have a significant impact on your family or business. Make sure your home security is properly set up to protect you from break-ins. Halls Locksmiths have worked to secure Nottingham businesses for over 130 years. Call one of our experts for advice on 0115 9780141 or send us a message.